Derrick Riches is a technical writer, industry expert, consultant, and committed backyard chef.  He is well known as the author of the world’s most widely read BBQ and grilling site on the internet.  Through his column, Derrick has contributed to the world of outdoor cooking by covering highly sought after topics including meals, menus, cooking techniques,  outdoor cooking competitions, and most notably,  his concise and unwavering commitment to product reviews.  That said, if there is a grill, smoker, cookbook, food related item, or cooking accessory available in the market, Derrick Riches is well informed and strives to keep his readers abreast of innovative market offerings.  Derrick is a true industry expert as he remains mindful of the multi-faceted environment that is BBQ, sharing the entire picture of the inner workings and ever growing popularity of outdoor cooking and all those involved in the process.

During the past 16 years authoring his column at, Derrick has functioned in many other capacities, including BBQ competition judge, contributing author, and course instructor.  In addition, Derrick has conducted interviews with notable industry chefs, as well as providing insight via radio, podcast, and television appearances.

Derrick Riches

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In excess of a hundred radio interviews including stations in New York, California, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, and Oklahoma.