Metrics’s Barbecue & Grilling Site TOP Web Destination in the World

May 1, 2013 – The Barbecue & Grilling section of ranks #1 of all barbecue and grilling web destinations according to a new report from Experian Hitwise. From a list of thousands of the most popular web searches for barbecue and grilling information, ranging from recommendations for a new grill, recipe ideas, tips and techniques, to finding a great barbecue joint, Experian has compiled this list of the top 25 Barbecue and Grilling websites with’s Barbecue & Grilling site (, authored by Derrick Riches, taking the top spot by a wide margin, beating destinations like and

Rank Websites Domain Search Clicks
1 About   Barbecues & Grilling 5.10%
2 Food Network 3.81%
3 The Home Depot 2.80%
4 2.79%
5 Lowe’s 2.25%
6 2.12%
7 1.97%
8 1.45%
9 1.28%
10 Char-Broil 0.96%
11 0.84%
12 Amazing Ribs 0.81%
13 Epicurious 0.52%
14 GrillStuff 0.48%
15 The Worldwide Weber – Grills and   Accessories 0.46%
16 Brinkmann 0.44%
17 – Southern Food 0.37%
18 Chowhound Boards – CHOW 0.37%
19 Urban Spoon 0.37%
20 Kraft Foods USA 0.33%
21 0.32%
22 Ace Hardware 0.32%
23 Taste of Home 0.31%
24 Appliance Factory Parts 0.29%
25 Famous Dave’s 0.29%


To compile this information, Experian Hitwise took 2,156 most commonly used search terms related to Barbecue and Grilling in the categories of Food & Beverage, Lifestyle> Home & Garden, Shopping and Classifieds > Home and Garden for the 12 weeks prior to 3/30/2013. Websites receiving traffic from these terms were ranked for search clicks, shown as a percentage of the total traffic across all destinations. Sites are ranked only for the traffic they received relevant to Barbecue and Grilling topics.

Hitwise Methodology: Experian Hitwise has developed proprietary software that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use to analyze website logs created on their network. Experian Hitwise utilizes this anonymous and aggregated data to provide a range of industry standard metrics including website page requests, visits, average visit length, search terms and behavior. Because of the extensive sample size (25 million people worldwide, including 10 million in the US), Experian Hitwise can provide detailed insights into the search terms used to find thousands of sites as well as clickstream reports, analyzing visitor movement between sites. Experian Hitwise only extracts aggregate information. No personal information is seen or captured by Hitwise in according with local and international privacy guidelines. Hitwise’s methodology is audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers on an annual basis.