Best Kamado Grills for 2018

Kamado Grills offer the best of both worlds. Able to reach extremely high grilling temperatures while also being perfectly suited for low and slow barbecue, these grills have become the charcoal grills of choice for those serious about outdoor cooking. Traditionally these grills are made from a ceramic material, but these days there are also a number of good metal units. The secret to these grills is in the insulation that makes them very efficient and allows them to operate for hours without refueling. With many companies making Kamado grills, prices can be as low as a few hundred dollars or well into the thousands. See Big Green Egg Prices for the most popular brand of kamado grills.
Big Green Egg Large
Big Green Egg Large


Big Green Egg – Large

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There is a reason that this is the best selling Kamado grill in the world. Big Green Egg has become the standard by which all other Kamado grills are measured. At around $850USD and with an 18-inch diameter cooking surface, this is the Kamado to beat. Certainly it is a basic unit, but with a huge line of accessories to back it up and excellent attention to quality, this is the first grill to look at when shopping for this style of charcoal grill.

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Primo Oval XL

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Looking for more versatility and capacity than the stanard Kamado Grill? The Primo Oval XL not only boasts a large cooking surface, but it's oval shape provides for indirect cooking and better fire control than the typical round unit. This model can have its firebox divided for slow roasting without a diffuser plate (also called a plate setter). With 400 square inches of cooking space, this Kamado grill has more than ample space for a wide range of cooking and can actually slow smoke on one side, while allowing for direct grilling on the other. Brisket and burgers at the same time.

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Komodo Kamado 42-Inch

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Komodo Kamado is the luxury maker of these style of charcoal grills. This model, their largest, can cost $10,000 and has a capacity that rivals full sizes smokers. Available in virtually any color or pattern, these units are made to order and painstakenly tiled to perfection. If price is no consideration, then this is the Kamado to own. Beautiful and amazingly engineered it has all the power and versatility of the best Kamado grills on the market and it can be ordered to match any decor.

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Kamado Joe II Classic

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From their first day in buisness, Kamado Joe has had one goal, to offer everything you need from a Kamado Grill in one package. The grill itself is an almost exact replica of the Big Green Egg, but this unit comes with all the extras to make the most of the Kamado grilling experience. At around $1,200USD, this grill is actually a bargin since it has everything you need. For those looking for a freestanding, standard size Kamado grill, this is the model to look at. In the long run, it will save you money.

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Broil King Keg 5000

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This Kamado grill hit the market with one big goal, to be durable AND portable. Made from two layers of steel sandwiching high temperature insulation, this unit is even more efficient than its ceramic competitiors at holding in heat. This unit is considerably lighter than ceramic versions and not nearly as fragile. It can be easily packed up and taken on the road with little worry that it will crack or be damaged. At the same time, it can do everything any ceramic model can do and is comparable in side to the most popular units on the market.

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Weber Summit Charcoal

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Not to be left out of any space in the outdoor cooking market, Weber introduced this charcoal grill, which in every way that counts is comparable to the best Kamado grills. The 24-inch diameter cooking surface is downright huge. The double layer, air insulated, body holds in heat nearly as efficiently as its ceramic competition and for around $1,500USD it isn't too expensive when considering what it can do. It also comes with a gas powered ignition system, so it is very easy to use.

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Grill Dome Infinity Large

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Grill Dome is one of the oldest Kamado grill makers left today. They produce there ceramic shells in India, where most are made in China (Big Green Egg makes theirs in Mexico). The Grill Dome has the thickest ceramic you can buy and this adds a little extra insulation, but doesn't dramatically improve its operation. Don't be wrong, this is still a fantastic grill, but there isn't much that legitimately makes it stand out in the market when compared to similarly priced models. They are, available in colors and have a smooth surface as opposed the the textured surfaces you find on most Kamado grills.

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Blaze Cast Aluminum

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Blaze Grills, a division of has decided to take the metal Kamado to the extreme. Their cast aluminum runs around $2,000USD and has all the insulative characteristics of ceramic with the durability of metal. This is a relatively new product to the market, but promises to make a serious impact on the industry. Cast Aluminum can last for decades without cracking or even fading so this might just be the forever Kamado.

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Saffire Silver 19-Inch

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Saffire is another entry into the Kamado market. They have been around longer than most and make a perfectly competent grill, but without any real standout features. This model is a little larger than most and is competitively priced at around $1,000USD.

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Vision C-Series

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Vision hit the Kamado market to provide and inexpensive charcoal grill with a range of built-in features. At around $700USD this inexpensive Kamado Grill comes with many of the things that other companies charge extra for. It even has a door in the front of the unit where an electric charcoal starter can be inserted. While the features are there, and the price is good, the quality of these grills isn't great. There is a certain 'buyer beware' element to Vision Grills.

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