Best Pellet Grills under $1000 for 2018

Some say that pellet grills will replace gas grills. They cite the benefits of real wood smoke flavor combined with the ease of use. They are wrong. Pellet grills can never be as inexpensive as gas grills at the bottom end of the price range, after all, you can get a good gas grill for under $500. The same can not be said of pellet grills. However, you can buy a good pellet grill for under $1000USD, but be careful. Not all pellet grills are created equally. This list reflects the best pellet grills in this price range, but they are limited in their function. Some are innovative while others still reflect the pellet grills of old. These are not the best of the best, but they are good. If you want that combination of easy to use cooking with authentic smoke flavor, but don't want to spend a lot to get it, check out these grills.
Grilla Silverbac Pellet grill
Grilla Silverbac Pellet grill


Grilla Silverback

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When Fahrenheit Technologies, a wood pellet furnace company, introduced the Grilla Pellet Grill it was unlike anything else on the market. Efficient, easy to use, and with a very small footprint. The problem (if you want to call it that) was that it didn't have the cooking capacity that most people were looking for. To provide for that need, Grilla introduced the Silverbac Pellet Grill. This is a much more traditional pellet grill, but still efficient and easy to use. For the price (around $750) it is the best built pellet grill on the market and the one you should be looking at in this price range.

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The Original Grilla Pellet Grill is the pellet grill to look for if you don't need the capacity and want a very small footprint.


Rec Tec Stampede RT-590

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When the Rec Tec Pellet Grill hit the market a few years back it was an instant hit, largely due to the amazing marketing job done by its inventors. Their pellet grills appeared everywhere and had a massive online presence in a very short time. They have moved on from their original Pellet Grill to a whole line. The Stampede represents their fullsized, low priced new pellet grill. Perpetually on sale for about $800USD, this is a serious competitior in the lower end of the market space and promises to be a popular pellet grill.

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Firecraft Q-450

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Firecraft is an online barbecue and grilling store. They sell a lot of products and recently introduced their own pellet grill that not only competes in the market, but improves on many of the more basic problems that pellet grills have. It has an advanced pellet controller and all stainless steel construction. It is, in fact, the least expensive stainless steel pellet grill on the market. Relatively small, it is perfect for the average backyard cook. This grill is a balance between size, construction quality, and advanced features.

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Camp Chef Woodwind with Sear Station

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The biggest limitation of pellet grills, particularly in the lower price range is that they simply can't get hot enough to do serious grilling. The people at Camp Chef have chosen to throw out all ideas of trying to make the grill hotter and have fitted this unit with a gas powered sear burner on the side. Basically, this is a full sized pellet grill with a small gas grill mounted on the side. Generally, I don't like these types of configurations, but if you are serious about barbecue and grilling you are already thinking reverse sear, which is really what this grill is designed for. You can slow smoke foods on the pellet side and then finish them, hot and fast over the sear burner. There is no need to wait for the pellet cooker to reach a higher temperature (which it probably can't). As a compromise to an age-old problem, this is a clever solution.

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HomComfort PG30

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From United States Stove Company, the HomComfort is the only product on this list not made in China. The construction quality is good, but ultimately, this is a fairly standard type of pellet cooker. Every bit as good as most of the grills on this list, the fact that it is made in the United States is probably it's biggest selling point. If every other way its specifications are very typical of pellet grills in this price range.

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Smoke Daddy Pellet Pro 680

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The Pellet Pro grill comes from Smoke Daddy, a real garage started company that began list making aftermarket accessories and smoke generators. Their background is in wood pellets, so it was only a matter of time before they began producing pellet grills. Their proprietary controller is excellent and while a classic pellet grill design, this unit contains very good technology. I certainly recommend taking a look at this unit in the lower end price range. At around $700, it is one of the least expensive pellet grills worth buying.

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Green Mountain Grills Jim Bowie

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Large and well construction this pellet grill from Green Mountain Grills is a workhorse. While not very innovative (there is a wi-fi enabled version for about $170 more) it is a very good pellet grill. Temperature control can be a little weak with this unit, but in the price range it is comparable. I definitely recommend taking a look at this model before making a purchasing decision in this price range.

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Traeger Lil Tex Elite 22

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This is the world's best selling pellet grill. At around $700 it is also one of the least expensive pellet grills. The problem with it (which doesn't really detract from its abilities) is that it weighs less than 100 pounds, making it also, the lightest full-size pellet grill. From the company that evolved out of the inventor of the pellet grill (Traeger has passed through a few hands over the years), this is a classic unit. The controller is limited, but capable. The body is thin and doesn't hold heat, which is why it doesn't appear higher on this list.

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Pit Boss 700SC

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The Pit Boss pellet grills come from Danson, the second largest maker of pellet grills. This model is another of the classic, inexpensive pellet grills. It is hard to say that it is impressive, but it costs the same as the ever popular Traeger Lil Tex (around $700USD) and does everything that grill can do. The biggest difference between the two is that you can buy the Traeger almost everywhere these days.

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