Big Green Egg XXL Charcoal Grill Review

Big Green Egg XXL


Construction Quality


Temperature Control


Smoking Ability







  • Huge
  • Excellent Temperature Control
  • Wide Range of Available Accessories
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent Support


  • Probably too big
  • 424 Pounds
  • Not Efficient for Smaller Cookouts


  • 29-inch diameter cooking surface (672 square inches)
  • Top vent cap is cast iron - bottom vent is stainless steel
  • Heavy ceramic shell
  • Glazed interior makes it easy to clean
  • Spring loaded lid offsets the weight
  • Weighs 424 for the grill without stand
  • Ceramic made in Mexico by Big Green Egg
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Full Review – Big Green Egg XXL

Let me start by saying DON'T BUY THIS GRILL. Why? Because this $3,000USD Kamado grill is being phased out by Big Green Egg in favor of their improved $2,000 Big Green Egg 2XL. Both grills are the same size, can do the same things, but the new 2XL has an improved top vent and hinge system and it costs a thousand dollars less. Talk to your dealer about this new grill and DON'T BUY THIS GRILL.

Not to leave a market untapped, Big Green recently introduced their biggest Kamado grill yet. In fact, it is one of the largest on the market and for the price, the least expensive of the monster grills in this category. The XXL has a 29-inch diameter cooking area that provides 672 square inches of cooking space. This is the kind of space you would find on a five-burner gas grill. It is a lot of space. More than most people will ever use. It could fit more than a dozen whole chickens or, as Big Green Egg points out, enough space to roast or smoke a sucking pig.

Of course, this grill has all the advantages of any Kamado grill and there are a wide range of accessories available for this model. It won’t be as efficient on charcoal as smaller grills simply because of the large space that has to be heated. For small cookouts, this probably isn’t the grill to use, but for those interested in doing a lot of cooking, like forty burgers at a time, then this might be the right choice for you.

At 424 pounds, this is a very heavy grill and being ceramic, it will require an expert touch getting it into place. This isn’t to say that it is extremely fragile, but considering the size and weight, you would need a good deal of help getting it where it is going. Note that that weight is just for the basic grill itself and doesn’t include a stand or accessories. If this is going on a deck it would be important to make sure that the structure can support it.

This egg doesn’t come cheap either. Typically selling around $3,000USD (see the current list of Big Green Egg Prices to confirm), this is an investment. I consider this grill, because of its price and size more of a luxury item, perfect for a public space and not as much a grill for the typical consumer. However, if you need something this big, this is your best option on the market today.