How to Make BBQ Pulled Pork


Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled pork is the traditional barbecue of the Carolinas and one of the Big Three in all Barbecue. It is, in fact, the origin of barbecue. This process can take 8 to 10 hours, but don’t worry. It isn’t hard. Good pulled pork relies on the flavor of the pork first, the smoke second, and the flavoring third. This process is done on a traditional barbecue smoker, which can hold the low and slow temperatures and produce the smoke necessary to make it perfect. I’m relying on you to know enough about your smoker to build the fire and keep it going all the way to the end.

This method uses the cut of pork called a Boston Butt, Pork Butt, or Shoulder Butt. It comes from the pork shoulder and if you are not in an area where this is a popular cut or it is known by another name, ask your butcher for the rectangular roast that comes from the upper arm and contains the blade bone. A Boston Butt weights about 6 to 8 pounds and has well-marbled meat with a thick cap of fat over one side. It is sold with or without Bone. For a good pulled pork it is preferred that it be bone in.

What you need:

This method is going to take about 8 hours of cooking time. That does depend on the smoker and the weather. A general rule of thumb is that it will take about one hour per pound to cook the whole pork roast.

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